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The New No-Pill No-Risk Birth Control

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The New No-Pill, No Risk Birth Control presents the positives of natural family planning with a focus on postponing pregnancy without the use of drugs, chemicals, IUDs, or barrier devices.

Nina Aguilar presents the findings of years of research that led to the discovery of an effective birth control method that includes no drugs or chemicals. Its only requirement for success is understanding.

With an exceptional ability to make biological and scientific facts clear and understandable, Aguilar takes a deep look at the reproductive cycle and approaches the concept of fertility as a shared adventure for both parties of a relationship.

Presenting an alternative form of birth control for the couples who are seeking a natural method of family planning, The New No-Pill, No-Risk Birth Control shares the best ways to spot the vital body changes that signal fertility, how you can use natural family planning to regulate hormonal cycles, and experts’ advice on how breast-feeding can help prolong your post-pregnancy infertility. Filled with inspiring testimonies from hundreds of couples that have made the switch to natural family planning, this guide to a drug-and-chemical-free method of birth control is perfect for any couple considering their future family.