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The Oates & The Elphyne

Published by BiG
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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About The Book

After the Oates family moves to Newfoundland, a dark creature kidnaps Beth, the youngest child. To find her, Beth’s siblings Ben and Lynn venture into a mystical world called the Elphyne.

The Oates family moves to their ancestral home in Newfoundland following a pair of tragedies.They arrive at their grandmother’s house, where they reunite with their orphaned cousin. Shortly after arriving, Beth, the youngest sibling, is kidnapped by a dark, monstrous creature. Her older siblings set out to find her and bring her back, finding themselves in the Elphyne—a magical world that exists between the ordinary world and the afterlife, where the imagination of children has the power to shape everything around them. The Oates, along with some new allies, must travel through the Elphyne to confront The Dark King, a mysterious being whose arrival has started to corrupt the Elphyne in frightening and unexpected ways.


For Ages 10+

About The Author

Michael Walsh is an Eisner Award-winning Canadian comic book creator based out of Hamilton, Ontario.

In 2013, Michael co-created the Image Comics series Comeback (soon to be a major motion picture). After this, Michael launched a follow-up to the hit television series The X-Files for IDW. Since then he has worked primarily with Marvel Comics on properties such as Star Wars, Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men, as well as adapting the Star Wars film The Last Jedi. He was the artist and colorist of the hit Dark Horse & DC Comics crossover Black Hammer/Justice League in 2019, and The Silver Coin at Image with an all-star lineup of collaborators in 2021.

His publishers include Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Valiant, Humanoids, Archie Comics, Titan, BOOM!, Dynamite, and IDW.

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