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The Revenge of Moriarty

Sherlock Holmes' Nemsis Lives Again

Published by Pegasus Crime
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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Now back in print after forty years: The second novel in John Gardner’s bestselling series of Victorian crime thrillers pitting Sherlock Holmes against the Napoleon of crime, Professor James Moriarty.

With riches accumulated from an American crime spree, Professor Moriarty proceeds to annihilate his enemies. He murders the leaders of Europe’s underworld one by one, then prepares his most hideous revenge for his arch-enemy, Sherlock Holmes. Will he succeed in this most terrible plan?

Thriller writer John Gardner (1926-2007) had fifty-five books to his credit when he passed away, many of them bestsellers, which include his trilogy of James Moriarty novels.

"Moriarty holds sway with all the ruthless guile, power, and pomp you’d expect from a gaslight era godfather."

– Los Angeles Times

"An excellent tale of the dark side of London during the time of Sherlock Holmes."

– New York Herald Tribune


– St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"A tale to make The Godfather seem tame."

– Charleston Evening Post

"Brilliant. Gardner may prove to be the author who finally equals Conan Doyle."

– Omaha Metro

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