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The Scream Queen's Survival Guide

Avoid machetes, defeat evil children, steer clear of bloody dismemberment, and conquer other horror movie clichTs


Horror movie fans know: danger lurks around every corner, locker room, and strange new neighbor. And as every slasher addict knows, the last known survivor is always The Scream Queen.

In this guide, youÆll learn 150 life-or-death lessons that Jamie Lee, Neve, and Jennifer Love learned on screen--without the pain of dismemberment. You owe it to yourself to master the scream queenÆs rules of survival, including:

  • Be wary of days that begin "much like any other" (itÆs all downhill from there)
  • Keep that playlist light (no one ever got axed while cuttinÆ Footloose)
  • Reconsider that roadtrip (or else end up at the mercy of a creepy tow truck driver)
  • Keep away from small-town law enforcement (the rent-a-cop always dies)

Featuring little-known trivia and favorite moments from dozens of the most well-known and scariest movies of all time, this is one survival guide horror fans are sure to die without.