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The Triple Goddess Tarot

The Power of the Major Arcana, Chakra Healing, and the Divine Feminine

Foreword by Vicki Noble / Illustrated by Mara Friedman
Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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About The Book

A new tarot based on the divine feminine that utilizes the power of chakra healing and archetypal consciousness to restore vital life-source energy.

• Contains 22 major arcana, plus 4 new goddess images and 7 chakra cards.

• Works with the "power of three" in a unique and sacred way.

• By the author of the bestselling Inner Child Cards (more than 100,000 sold).

This unique divination deck of 33 cards connects the mystical core of the tarot with the living force of the divine feminine through one of the most sacred graphics known to humanity, the holy trinity or triangle. The author has created 11 new cards to supplement the traditional 22 major arcana "soul cards" of the tarot. Four of these new cards serve as an overriding goddess trinity, while the other seven cards represent the seven chakra points in the body, creating a powerful alignment between the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional energy fields in order to illuminate and revitalize life energy. Through this unique combination, The Triple Goddess Tarot offers a system to individuals who are ready to engage with the healing power centers of the body, archetypal mysticism, the sacred feminine, and an awakened consciousness as a means to acquire greater health, empowerment, and purpose. The accompanying text provides suggestions for ways to engage with the divine feminine through ritual, prayer, archetypal attunement, and spiritual stewardship and initiation.


Preface to The Triple Goddess Oracle

Introducing a beautiful new synergistic Goddess oracle designed and executed by three uniquely creative women in an artistic collaboration that satisfies body, mind and soul. The Triple Goddess Tarot was envisioned by Isha Lerner as a tool for living life "each day as if I were the Goddess." The deck is stunningly executed through Mara Friedman's lovely paintings which, although they stand alone in their own right, become potent oracular forces in this collaborative project that also includes the expressive communication of editor Tara McKinney. Tarot deck, chakra study, and alchemical initiation, this attractive woman-loving oracle is at once simple and complex?simple in the sense that it doesn't over-burden the reader with scholarly references, complex in that it offers a variety of ways to use the deck.

Isha Lerner's comprehensive knowledge of history, prehistory, mythology, and Goddess spirituality informs the book without overpowering it, while her personal experience with alchemy, tarot, astrology, numerology, plant medicine, and sacred sites illuminates every page. Her method is more storytelling than academic, but her purpose is clearly that of a teacher who loves her students as well as her subject. Self-revealing and candid, her willingness to expose her own evolutionary growth over a lifetime of loving the Goddess and walking the path of female spirituality is a valuable tool as well, providing a loose but authentic model for the reader.

The project is organized around the twenty-two "Major Arcana" familiar to traditional tarot users, here called "Alchemy Cards," designed with novel feminist reconstructions of the archaic versions. For instance, the Fool is now the Fairy Queen, and the Hierophant the Wise Woman. The deck involves a synthesis of Buddhist, Hindu, Celtic, Mayan, and other archetypes woven together in a kind of "tantric" blend to be used for gaining self-awareness and becoming awakened in life. The collaborators have added four original "Alchemy Cards" representing "stages of evolution yet to be embodied," plus a set of seven "Chakra Cards" that can be used either with the rest of the deck or as an oracle by itself.

Readers are urged to relax and let the oracle teach itself naturally over time and through practice. Profoundly esoteric concepts are shared without fanfare. The nurturing respect that these three women clearly share in their relationships with one another transmits itself gracefully through the content and substance of the project as a whole. Each exquisitely painted image has a loving divinatory message to help the reader navigate daily life, with the over-arching goal of grounding the audience in "a new love for the Triple Goddess in the world." In these difficult and disturbing times, I can't think of anything more useful than this unique translation of an ancient way of life that has all but been forgotten.
Blessed Be.
Vicki Noble
Spring Equinox 2002

About The Author

Isha Lerner is a professional astrologer, tarot consultant, and flower essence practitioner. She is the author of three book/deck sets, Inner Child Cards, The Power of Flowers, and The Triple Goddess Tarot, as well as the Inner Child Cards Workbook. She lives in Eugene, Oregon.

About The Illustrator

Visionary artist Mara Friedman is co-founder of STREAM, a creative arts school for young women. Her art has appeared in numerous We'Moon calendars as well as on books, CD covers, and magazines throughout the world. She lives in Lorane, Oregon.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bear & Company (September 1, 2002)
  • Length: 248 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781879181946

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Raves and Reviews

"Isha Lerner writes with true sincerity and wisdom."

– Tarot Insights, November 2002

" . . . a comprehensive and insightful resource as well as a beautiful oracle."

– Skye Alexander, New Age Retailer, July/August

"This deck and book seem to bring us back to those days when women were honored for their unique connectedness to life and the universe. . . . Perhaps this deck can grant us a small insight into this long forgotten knowledge and we can once again reclaim our sacred feminine selves."

– Ladyfogg's Deck Reviews, Oct 2005

". . . a special offering and would make an excellent gift for spiritual women of any age."

– Nellie Levine,, March 2003

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