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The Wayward Eight

A Contract to Die for

Published by Zmok Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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Steampunk in the old west

Ex-Confederate officer Captain Marcus Wayward and his infamous “Eight” are on a deadly mission. The Union has contracted them to find and kill the most notorious scientist in the world; Doctor Burson Carpathian, who resides somewhere in the forested interior of Arizona. Carpathian is protected by an undead horde of his own construction, and powered by the miracle fuel RJ-1027, they will defend him to the death.

The chance for Wayward and his mercenaries to acquire fame, fortune, and immortality on such a mission is too great to refuse. The journey is fraught with perils and pitfalls – outlaws, Union troopers, thrill-seekers, Shifters of the Warrior Nation, and even other mercenaries hell-bent on finding and killing Carpathian first. When a shadowy force known as the Dark Council gets involved, the way becomes even deadlier. But the biggest challenge for Captain Wayward could very well be his own people, who begin to question the nature of the mission as it unravels. Can he keep it all together? Can he keep his mercenaries intact long enough to finish the job, to ride them to glory, and into the history books? Time will tell…

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