There Once Was a Girl Who Created a World

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Slip into the remarkable world of Louis XXX’s visual poetry, which finds simplicity in the infinite and infinity in the simple.
“Louis’s books just plain make life better." —Greg Behrendt, author of the New York Times #1 bestseller He’s Just Not That Into You

Self-published poet and painter Louis Cannizzaro invites you into a universe of playful and haunting poetry with There Once Was a Girl Who Created a World, his most enchanting collection to date. Using his famous and immediately recognizable art and resonant poetry, Cannizzaro paints a world that is sometimes whimsical and sometimes poignant, often set in a city, under the stars, or the bright afternoon sun.

“You’re the reason I see such beautiful things,” writes Louis to his sweetheart near the end of Have Faith.  A simple statement, but ravishing, and infinite in its reach.  And that pretty much sums up Louis and his irresistible words and images: immensely charming, for sure, and beguilingly humble, but suffused with passion, perception, and humanity.  You might not expect so much, at first—the primary colors, the plaintive scrawl, the pasted-up collage might seem like trifles—but then you’re caught by the heartbreaking eloquence of, say, a star bending toward earth, or startled by the insight of a phrase that then lingers in your mind for a month, or struck to the heart by a city skyline lonely for an absent love.  The world Louis lives in, and cheerfully invites us to share, is at once “dark and beautiful” and full of light, it’s sweet, funny, mournful, lonely, profound, and replete with the yearning and ardor and wonder that maybe you’d forgotten how to feel.  He is the reason we see such beautiful things.”
  (Brian Yorke, Pulitzer and Tony Award Winning Playwright of “Next to Normal” and Developer and Producer of “13 Reasons Why” TV series)