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“Like the best futuristic science-fiction, Titan has a lot to say about the world that we live in right now.” — Mental Floss

When MNGR First Class João da Silva arrives on the moon of Titan to take charge of Homestead Station, he finds the massive mining colony plagued by tensions between the giant, genetically-engineered Titan workers and the Terran management. As anger mounts, what began as a routine posting quickly turns into something far more dangerous.

Phoebe Mackintosh thought she left her fighting days behind her when she turned her back on the “mixing” circuit. Now, she finds herself caught between a past she'd rather forget and a future she can't predict.

Together, they must find a way to pull Homestead back from the brink of disaster... Or Titan might be the spark that sets the entire solar system ablaze.

FRANÇOIS VIGNEAULT is a freelance illustrator, designer, and cartoonist (not necessarily in that order). In addition to Titan, his work includes 13e Avenue (Éditions de la Pastèque), and his comics and illustrations have been appeared in publications such as Planches, Papercutter, Kayak, and Study Group Magazine. His work has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Joe Shuster Award, Prix des Libraires, and the Prix des Collèges. Born in the United States to immigrant parents, he has lived and worked in Montréal, Québec since 2015.

"This blend of indie art and sci-fi social commentary will appeal to fans of the Bitch Planet and Paper Girls series."

– Publishers Weekly

“A spectacular science fiction comic.”

– The Comics Beat

“Vigneault beautifully illustrates inter-class dynamics, and, in doing so, foregrounds the very human relationships that make Titan more than a bushel of techno-babble.”

– Paste Magazine

"It’s that blend of the human moments with the plausible futuristic technology that leaves us so invested in Titan and the ultimate fate of its labor force."

– i09

"A smart, stylish, political sci-fi romance thriller."

– The Comics Journal

"Vigneault’s (The Immersion Program) decision to establish his cast and world at a slow burn over the first few chapters pays dividends in the high-stakes second half of this thoughtful and unabashedly political sf thriller."

– Library Journal