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Jo-Ann Power's last exquisitely imagined story, Angel of Midnight, was "beautifully written with incredible warmth and passion," raved bestselling author Heather Graham. Now, against the lavish ballrooms and great estates of Victorian England, Power spins an equally captivating tale of a heartbroken lady torn between mistrust and love.

The Cat

Catherine "Cat" Farrell stood alone at the altar on he her wedding day. Her beloved Spence had disappeared, leaving her to face the scrutiny of the unsavory London tabloids and the artful snubs of the rigid Proper Set. Only now, a year after her famous father's death and three years since Spence jilted her, does Cat dare to reenter Society. In her Worth gown she is a dazzling beauty all can admire, not a desperate, penniless woman being blackmailed for a treasure that her father may have stolen and that she cannot find....

And the Lyonn

Spencer Lyonns is the hunter; Cat is his prey. Sent by the Crown to question her about her father, he can think only of taking her in his arms. But the fury she turns on him is soul deep, fraught with pain, and fueled by passion. Between them are the secrets that once drove him from her -- and the desire that brought him back. And when Cat is suspected of murder, Spence must be the Lyonns to protect her, clear her name, and possess her body, her heart, her love....

Jo-Ann Power is the author of romance novels, historical fiction, and mysteries. She lives in Texas. Find out more at

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