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Useless Sexual Trivia

Tastefully Prurient Facts About Everyone's Favorite Subject


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About The Book

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, But Never Knew to Ask
Did you know that in Middle-Eastern Islamic countries it is not only a sin but also a crime to eat a lamb that you've had sex with? Or that the world vanilla comes from a Latin word meaning "vagina" because of the vanilla pod's resemblance to the female genitalia? Or that Grand Tetons literally means "big tits"?
You've probably never even thought about such things. But here they are, in this unusual compilation of strange facts about the facts of life that will make you laugh out loud while your hair stands on end. Highlights include:
* Just the Factoids, Man -- For instance, the number of human ova necessary to repopulate the world could fit into a chicken egg.
* When Sex Goes Horribly Awry -- Don't be caught with your pants down. Learn once and for all the words you didn't find on your SATs, such as "acrotomophilia," "oculolinctus," and "taphephilia."
* Animal Lust -- There is more to sex in the animal kingdom than doing it doggie style. Did you know that a barnacle's penis is 150 percent of its body length?
* They Said What?! -- They said plenty: "I knew her before she was a virgin." (Oscar Levant on Doris Day)
* Sex Styles of the Rich and Famous -- Forget Bill and Monica. Adolf Hitler was a coprophiliac.
* Sex in History -- Catherine the Great did not die under a horse, but she did love to have her feet tickled and her bottom slapped.
* Around the World -- It's good to know, for the next time you're invited to the dinner party of a North-African Siwa man, that he believes you will find him irresistible if he laces your food with his semen.
* Crimes of Passion -- Did you know that in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, it is illegal to have sex with a truck driver in a tollbooth?

Wonderfully outrageous and absolutely deadpan, this book is, unbelievably, all true.



Did you know that...

The word "vanilla" comes from the Latin word vagina, because of the vanilla pod's resemblance to the female genitalia.

In Middle Eastern Islamic countries it is not only a sin, but a crime as well, to eat a lamb that you've had sex with.

The male pig has a corkscrew shaped penis that looks like his tail, and he slowly "winds" into the female pig before achieving a ten-minute-long orgasm.

While the above information hasn't raised your IQ, helped you to find a high-paying job, or improved your own personal love life, you no doubt find yourself richer for having the knowledge. (At least you've got something to say during those long lulls in the conversation.)

If you're like most people, you have a fascination with sex, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this book. While nearly every magazine from Cosmo to Sports Illustrated -- and even The Wall Street Journal -- manages to work its fair share of articles on everyone's favorite subject into its pages, the most interesting facts go far beyond your garden-variety coitus. There's a tremendous amount of intriguing material about sex to be found in all areas of life, from animals to history to the rich and famous.

Within these pages I've attempted to gather every little fascinating factoid, titillating tidbit, and carnal curiosity on the world's favorite pastime. And while everyone does indeed enjoy sex and loves to hear more about it, I wanted to make sure that the book could be enjoyed by a wide range of readers. I tried to avoid being raw and overly explicit, choosing instead to be tastefully prurient and use fouler language and more-graphic detail only when absolutely necessary. I think you'll find that this book truly details everything you wanted to know about sex but didn't know to ask. And all of it's guaranteed to be completely useless.

Copyright © 2000 by Shane Mooney

About The Author

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  • Publisher: Gallery Books (February 21, 2000)
  • Length: 176 pages
  • ISBN13: 9780684859279

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