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We Are All Addicts

The Soul's Guide to Kicking Your Compulsions

Published by Viva Editions
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

Spirituality is a powerful thing, but can connecting with one's soul help kick addictive behaviors? Find out in Dr. Carder Stout's self-help must read. . .

In We Are All Addicts: The Soul’s Guide to Kicking Your Compulsions, Dr. Stout offers spiritual solutions to the complex problems created by addiction. He focuses primarily on the idea of the soul and how this authentic voice has the ability to heal addictive cycles. The soul is pure consciousness untethered from human experience and Dr. Stout will demonstrate how to connect deeply to it through exercises, meditations, visualizations and writing. These solutions to the obsessive thinking and compulsive actions caused by addiction are unconventional and most of them have only been shared with his patients in therapy. Dr. Stout believes that the soul has the capacity to completely remove addiction from the psyche. He uses these exercises himself and has been sober for fifteen years.
As an expert therapist treating clients for addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationships, Dr. Stout is adept at helping clients become more truthful with themselves. It is with this expertise, he breaks down his theory of "We Are All Addicts" in a compellingly readable guide so you can understand the addiction getting in the way of your life and how to overcome it by connecting to the ultimate truth of your core being and learning to love yourself to the fullest.

About The Author

Dr. Carder Stout is an LA-based psychologist and author of the memoir Lost in Ghost Town, (HCI, Simon & Schuster) which Rolling Stone Magazine praised as “Upsettingly Beautiful." His private practice includes patients that are Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy winners. He also works with at least one Pro Bono client from an underprivileged community each month.

In the past few years he has published several articles on Goop, and has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, US Weekly, The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard, Washingtonian Magazine, Eden Magazine, The Purist Magazine, on ABC News, Spectrum News 1, Fox News, MSNBC, Beyond TV, Larry King and Good Day LA. He is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and has written for Alanis Morissette on her health and wellness site

Product Details

  • Publisher: Viva Editions (January 10, 2023)
  • Length: 188 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781632280817

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Raves and Reviews

We’re All Addicts is an excellent handbook for self-repair and soul upkeep. Written by a kind, empathetic guide who has been to the peaks and valleys himself.

Thomas Lennon, New York Times bestselling author of Ronan Boyle, creator and star of Reno 911


We Are All Addicts is both stunning and practical. Stout makes a compelling, inspired, clear and anthemic plea for the power of the soul. All that we have ever needed, is inside of us. This book will awaken your soul, and give you the power to overcome your compulsions and addictions. But even more, it will liberate you from ego, and grant you the courage to live your life from the eternal, potent and omnipresent place of soul.

Will McCormack, Academy Award winning writer and director of If Anything Happens I Love You

Dr. Carder Stout artfully deconstructs the meaning of addiction with the use of his own personal story, academic background in psychology, experiences with his patients, and thought provoking questions and exercises for the reader who may have never considered themselves an addict.

Sarah Brokaw, New York Times bestselling  author of Fortytude: Making the Next Decades the Best Years of Your Life – through the 40s, 50s, and Beyond, psychotherapist

The toxic guilt, crippling embarrassment, and vicious cycle of shame surrounding food addiction? Carder Stout gets it. It’s like he can see me at three in the morning when I’m standing in front of the fridge (ravenous for what – to feel better about myself?). Thank you for writing We Are All Addicts. The advice about healing from within is spot on.

Stephanie Laska, MEd, USA TODAY bestselling author and creator of DIRTY, LAZY, KETO.

Dr. Carder Stout challenges our perceptions of addiction in this vivid, powerful and timely book. I highly recommend it.

Carole Radziwill, New York Times bestselling author of What Remains, journalist and TV personality

Dr. Carder Stout’s latest writing adventure is a wonderful journey of recovery. This amazing book opens the reader's mind and offers a pathway to the healing soul. A book that will help any professional in the behavioral health field as well as anyone struggling with obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions. 

Dr. Ted Wiard Ed.D, LPCC, CGC – Founder of Golden Willow Retreat (an emotional healing center focused on grief and loss), Clinical Director Rio Grande Alcohol and Treatment Program

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