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What Did My Ancestors Eat?

Illustrated by Jillian Thalman
Published by Wheat Penny Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

Embark on a tasty and educational adventure with What Did My Ancestors Eat?, a beautifully illustrated and inclusive board book that celebrates the magic of family recipes and their rich cultural heritage.

Join a curious mixed-race, multi-ethnic child as they uncover the secret stories hidden within these delicious dishes. With every page turn, this heartwarming tale reveals the extraordinary power of food to bring generations and cultures together.

In this enchanting journey, you and your little reader will discover the incredible connections that food creates between family members across time and borders. Explore the untold tales of the ancestors and the remarkable history woven into their culinary traditions.

This captivating book reminds us that food is more than just sustenance—it is a bridge that spans generations, transcending differences and bringing us closer to our roots. Let this delightful story awaken your own sense of culinary heritage and inspire you to explore the remarkable stories behind your family recipes. Share in the joy of discovering the ancestral power of food and celebrating the flavors that unite us all.

About The Author

Quinn Miller Murphy holds a Master of Science degree in Education and has found her calling in a lifelong dedication to working with kids. Quinn's educational background and personal experiences deeply influence her writing. She firmly believes that children possess an incredible capacity to grasp and engage with complex themes and ideas. Quinn's upbringing in a mixed-race household has instilled a profound appreciation for the harmonious blend of food and family. Through her work as an editor and author, she aims to bring laughter, curiosity, and a sense of wonder to children everywhere. Quinn lives in her beloved home state of Washington, and her favorite dish to prepare is ratatouille.

About The Illustrator

Jill Thalman is a Toronto-based illustrator, designer, and creative individual who dabbles in various crafts. Her artistic process blends digital techniques with analog mediums such as watercolor, ink, pencil, crayon, and collage. Jill infuses her work with a touch of whimsy by drawing inspiration from symbols, mythologies, and patterns. Folk art, mid-century design, and iconography also significantly influence her artistic endeavors. Jill thrives on stepping outside her comfort zone, indulging in the thrill of creative problem-solving, and embracing projects with well-defined boundaries.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Wheat Penny Press (January 16, 2024)
  • Length: 18 pages
  • ISBN13: 9798986827315

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Raves and Reviews

What Did My Ancestors Eat? is a rich and inviting story that brings together food, family, and love. Readers move through changing generations and geographies while witnessing the perpetual haven of familial love. The pairing of Quinn Miller Murphy’s engaging words and Jillian Thalman’s luminous illustrations makes for a memorably delectable read!

– Gillian Sze, Author, My Love for You is Always and You Are My Favorite Color

What Did My Ancestors Eat? is a lovely celebration of heritage through food. The warm illustrations and story entice readers to learn the history of their own family recipes.

– Kat Zhang, Author of the Amy Wu series

What Did My Ancestors Eat? reads like a warm hug. Miller Murphy’s prose, alongside such beautiful pictures, makes the story about our ancestors, loved ones, and the bond we share much more beautiful. This book is a must-read with the people you love in your life.

– Keah Brown, Author, Sam's Super Seats, The Secret Summer, The Pretty One

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