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letters to the person i was

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Sana Abuleil presents a poetry collection of forgiveness, reflection, and self-love. 

letters to the person i was is a poetry collection about the past, the present, and the future. It is a compilation of every word Sana wishes someone had said to her when she was a young girl. When she was struggling. Falling. Breaking. Bleeding. It is a reflection of the responsibility she feels to say these words to everyone waiting to hear them. Consisting of four chapters titled "the innocence," "the refusing," "the understanding," and "the growing," the collection is meant to take the reader on a journey of pain and hope, reinforcing the idea that life is still worth living. That life is always worth living. 

"If you are looking for poetry that will break your heart, make you cry then fix you back together and leave you feeling all-around lighter, then look no further. If you enjoyed Rupi Kaur and are looking for a similar vibe, then look no further. If you're new to poetry and want to dig into some real heart-felt writing, then look no further. If you've been left longing for poetry that makes you feel something (like I), then look no further."
 (Jess Mence, Instagram Review)

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