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Alexis Brink

Photography by Elle Weissberg Gould

About The Author

Alexis Brink (LMT), president of Jin Shin Institute, is a practitioner of the Art of Jin Shin since 1991 and has maintained a private practice in NYC. She has taught self-help classes and workshops world-wide as well as to physicians and nurses in the medical establishment. She has also introduced Jin Shin in the public school system in NY. Today, The Jin Shin Institute under Alexis’s guidance is offering a comprehensive curriculum to a new generation of practitioners and teachers. She has written two textbooks and offers webinars for different levels from the novice to practitioners. It is the mission of the Institute as well as Alexis’s personal mission to open up the Art to the world. Alexis is the author of The Art of Jin Shin and Healing at Your Fingertips.

Books by Alexis Brink