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Greg MacGillivray

About The Author

Greg MacGillivray is one of the most prolific and successful documentary filmmakers of all time. He started making movies when he was just 13 and would later revolutionize surf films with his classic documentary Five Summer Stories, produced with Jim Freeman. After a period working in Hollywood with legendary directors such as Stanley Kubrick (on The Shining) and John Milius (on Big Wednesday), Greg became a pioneer of the 70mm IMAX® format and creator of some of the most iconic cinematography ever captured for giant screen films. He has shot more 70mm film than anyone in cinema history and his company, MacGillivray Freeman Films, is the first documentary production company to reach the $1 billion benchmark in worldwide ticket sales. Greg has been nominated for two Academy Awards® for Best Documentary Short Subject and has 3 films in the IMAX Hall of Fame, including Everest, the highest-grossing giant screen documentary of all time.  Greg is also a passionate conservationist of the world’s oceans.

Books by Greg MacGillivray