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Aquila: Blood of the Iceni

Part of Aquila
Illustrated by Leigh Gallagher
Published by 2000 AD
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

He was one of the rebellious gladiator-slaves crucified by the Romans for being part of Spartacus's uprising, and in his dying moments he called out to the gods for vengeance. Something heard him, and brought him back from the dead in exchange for his soul.


It was a time of great turmoil. Slave-turned-gladiator Aquila was amongst those crucified following Spartacus’s failed revolt. Dying a slow death, he cried out to the gods for vengeance – and Ammit the Devourer answered, offering him invulnerability in return for the souls of evil men. Now, Aquila hunts the breadth of the Empire determined to repay his unholy debt.

Aquila is a blood-soaked action adventure from the creative team of Gordon Rennie (Absalom, White Trash), Leigh Gallagher (Defoe, Bionicle) and Patrick Goddard (Savage, Sinister Dexter).

About The Author

Gordon Rennie is one of 2000 AD's most prolific creators, with co-creative credits for Caballistics, Inc., Missionary Man, Necronauts, Storming Heaven, Rain Dogs and Witchworld. Rennie has written for Heavy Metal and Warhammer, as well as Species, Starship Troopers and White Trash.

About The Illustrator

Leigh Gallagher was looked upon strangely as he attempted to leap triumphantly in the air when Tharg gave him his first professional comics work in 2000 AD. Since then he has worked on Vertigo’s The Witching, DC Comics’ Justice League Unlimited, and more recently he was the 2008 artist on Lego’s Bionicle, based on the popular toy line. Now he’s back with 2000 AD on Defoe, reinventing himself using a style inspired by his early love of British comics Scream, Eagle and, of course, 2000 AD. He has finally realised he will never accomplish that triumphant leap, but is still looked upon strangely.

Product Details

  • Publisher: 2000 AD (January 12, 2016)
  • Length: 176 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781781084076

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