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Eden Creek

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A “poignant, charming tale” (Romantic Times) of love, romance, and the struggle for survival in the Old West from the bestselling author of Distant Thunder and Silken Promises.

Betrayed by the only man she ever trusted, Ginny Parker hastily agrees to a new life in the untamed Utah wilderness, complete with a prearranged marriage to Orrin Ghant, a man whose passions run swift yet deep and hopes for little more than a woman to help raise his three daughters.

Neither of them dreamed that their wedding of convenience would gently blossom into a grand and glorious love. As Ginny slowly warms to the dingy, mud-splattered town she now calls home, her husband’s strong, sensual embrace fills her with an abiding joy.

Yet, the past hovers over their happiness like an ominous cloud.

For Orrin and Ginny, the tranquility of Eden Creek is not a barrier to human greed and malice, and the only weapon they have to protect their fragile new beginning is love.

Lisa Bingham is the bestselling author of more than thirty historical and contemporary romantic novels. Some of her works include the Sweet St. Charles series, the Taggart Brothers series, and the Wild Pedigrue series. 

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