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Temptation's Kiss

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From the highly praised author of Distant Thunder comes another heart-stirring romance when Chelsea Wickersham, a governess extraordinaire, agrees to tutor a long-lost Sutherland heir and finds herself falling for the heathen man.

Hiding from the secrets of her past, prim and proper Chelsea Wickersham is the English governess every household dreams of. When she agrees to tutor the long-lost Sutherland heir, Sullivan Cane, she is stunned to discover a heathen man in the place of the boy she was expecting.

After being abducted from his island hideaway and spirited to Scotland, Sullivan is thrust into the care of Miss Wickersham. But no matter what precautions are taken to tame his wild tendencies, he swears to remain the wild man that will outwit and expose his family’s deadliest enemy. Though chafed against his uncivilized role, Sullivan finds himself delighted to strip away the rigid façade of his fiery-haired teacher.

As their passions simmer and flame, a venomous foe draws Chelsea into a sinister bargain…and when a deceit spanning three decades resurfaces, it threatens to extinguish both their love and their lives.

Lisa Bingham is the bestselling author of more than thirty historical and contemporary romantic novels. Some of her works include the Sweet St. Charles series, the Taggart Brothers series, and the Wild Pedigrue series. 

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