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Odin's Child

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An epic fantasy trilogy about thousand-year-old secrets, forbidden romance, and what happens to those who make a deal with the devil at last comes to the U.S. after taking European audiences by storm.

15-year-old Hirka has always been an outsider in the world of Ym: she’s the only person without a tail, and the only one unable to access the Might, a current of power that runs through the earth. Her differences become more and more of a concern as the date approaches
for the Rite—the ceremony where everyone is to be blessed by the all-knowing Seer and the Council of powerful families who rule in His name. With only a few weeks until the Rite, Hirka discovers the shocking secret behind why she is tailless and Mightless: she is not from this
world. As an infant, she was brought here through an ancient stone circle known as a Raven Ring. As long as she’s in Ym, the passageway between worlds remains open, and terrifyingcreatures called the blind may follow. No one can know the truth of Hirka’s identity, especially
not Rime, her childhood friend who just might become something more...

Rime, meanwhile, has secrets of his own. Born into one of the most powerful families in Ym, he has refused to inherit his grandmother’s seat on the Council and has instead pledged himself to become one of the Kolkagga—assassins who kill in the name of the Seer. He suspects the
Council of being selfish and manipulative, but even he can’t fathom the depths of their corruption, or how far they will go to hold on to power. When Hirka runs away to a rebel region rather than reveal her true self to the Council, and Rime is sent to track her down, they uncover a
shocking web of lies that could spell the end—not only of their lives, but of the entirety of Ym.