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The Birthday Buddy

Illustrated by Leticia Moreno
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About The Book

A new kind of birthday story about how to be a good birthday buddy for friends and siblings, this board book helps little ones understand how to celebrate others…even when they don’t feel like it!

Getting excited for your own birthday is easy. But what happens when it’s not your special day? Watching your friend or sibling open presents, blow out candles, and get all the attention is easier said than done. This delightfully silly story will teach fun and necessary lessons for kids who struggle with not being the center of attention on special days!

About The Author

Cindy Jin edits and writes books for children. She lives in New York City.

About The Illustrator

Letícia Moreno is an illustrator and comic artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She studied art history at the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (EBA/UFRJ) and lives in a city named Maricá, next to lakes, a beach, and lots and lots of greenery!????????Her artwork focuses on drawing cute, colorful, and fun Black characters that don’t follow stereotypes. When not drawing, Letícia is either playing Animal Crossing, watching Twitch streams, making vegan recipes, or playing with her dogs, Soshi and Pimenta.? 

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