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The Sucker


One damn girl after another...

Girls of every size, shape, and style - these were Slade Harper’s stock in trade. Like Cleo, still a child, whose bed and body he had won in a crap game. And glamorous Ruth Talley, with whom he conspired by day and perspired by night. And Marie, of the crippled thighs - twisted Doris Barker, the pseudo-Lesbian - lovely Beth, the professional, whose money went into Slade’s pocket...

Girls - lovely girls - each victimized by Slade because of what a woman had once done to him. He treated them as flesh to be enjoyed, beaten, exploited... he used and abused them for a pack of fools. Yet freakish fate, and his own desires, at last gave them a chance to teach him that the real sucker was Slade Harper himself!

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