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Time to Fly

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In the spirit of Mark Teague’s Fly, Baby Bird learns to overcome his fear of leaving the nest in this sweet and encouraging picture book.

Mama Bird says it’s time to fly! Baby Bird thinks not. Nest is best…or is it? With the help of his mama, Baby Bird discovers the amazing things that can happen if he finds the courage to spread his wings and fly.

Photograph by Ann W. Olson

George Ella Lyon is the author of Trucks Roll!Planes Fly!, and Boats Float!, cowritten with her son Benn. Among George Ella’s other books are the ALA Notable All the Water in the World, What Forest Knows, and Time to Fly. A former Kentucky Poet Laureate, she lives with her family in Lexington, Kentucky. Visit her online at

Stephanie Fizer Coleman is an illustrator with a penchant for playful color and rich texture. She grew up in a rural area, so it’s no surprise that furry and feathered creatures are her favorite subjects to draw. When she’s not drawing, Steph can be found sipping tea and reading books. She lives in West Virginia with her husband and two dogs.

“As a shy kid, I hated when my mom would sign me up for clubs and activities. Why couldn’t I just stay in my warm, cozy room and read all day? I was a lot like the baby bird in Time to Fly in this way—totally fine to stay within my little comfort zone. Luckily, both baby bird and I have mothers who are wiser than us, knowing when to push and encourage, and when to let us soar on our own. Time to Fly represents this dynamic tenderly and beautifully.”

—Alex B., Editor, on Time to Fly

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