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Books & Activities for Kids

Whether your kids are going back to the classroom, or if you've created a learning space in your home, it's always helpful to have fun activities and books at your fingertips! Below you will find a list of activity pages and book recommendations to keep your kids entertained and engaged. We will be updating this page with fresh content so come back to check often or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Simon Teen Twitter for more updates

STEM Activity Books

Fun Resources for Kids

Just Wondering with Bob McDonald

Just Wondering with Simon & Schuster Canada: Bob McDonald

Bob McDonald has been the host of CBC Radio’s Quirks & Quarks since 1992. He is a regular science commentator on CBC News Network and science correspondent for CBC TV’s The National. In this video, Bob shows you how to make a black hole using two pop bottles.

Picture Books Ages 4-8

Fun Activities for Kids

Just Wondering with Dave Williams

Just Wondering with Simon & Schuster Canada: Dave Williams, author of Defying Limits

Dr. Dave Williams is an astronaut, aquanaut, jet pilot, ER doctor, scientist, and CEO. Here he discusses the differences between living in space and living in the sea.

Chapter Books Ages 6-8

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Middle Grade Ages 9-12

Middle Grade Classics

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