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4 Ingredients Chocolate, Cakes & Cute Things

Simple, Sweet & Savory Bites Perfect for Entertaining at Home

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This beautiful, full-color collection of delicious and adorable treats is perfect for stress-free, low-budget, impressive entertaining—a fantastic addition to the internationally bestselling 4 Ingredients series.

The internationally bestselling author of the sensational 4 Ingredients series is back with super easy sweets and treats that look and taste like four-star creations, all using 1-2-3 . . . 4 ingredients!

Wish you could prepare lavish, mouthwatering desserts and small bites with little money and time, but don’t know where to start? This lively, resourceful, fully illustrated cookbook is your answer. You’ll wow your friends and family with these fabulous low-budget, stress-free recipes, and fun little delicacies like:

Brie & Quince Tarts
Choc Mint Leaves
Iced Bailey’s Latte
Butterscotch Pumpkin Pie

In these pages, Kim McCosker shares eighty recipes and clever tips for scrumptious, homemade treats— both sweet and savory. You’ll also learn simple methods for baking with chocolate and getting the results you want.

The ideal gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or bridal and baby showers, this cookbook yields only the best—easy, delicious, and affordable treats, all with four ingredients or less!


I don’t know about you, but whenever I envision the menu for a wedding shower, a baby shower, or a simple yet luxurious afternoon tea with friends, my mind immediately goes to chocolate, cakes, and cute things. Divine Caramel Choc Truffles, beautifully whipped Fresh Raspberry Buttercream, and delightful Little Lemon Cheesecakes. Add to that some melt-in-your-mouth, savory-delicious Brie & Quince Tarts, Mini Salmon Quiches, and Pesto Palmiers, and, like magic, you have a glorious party spread that will put smiles on the faces of even your littlest guests. If you are at all familiar with the 4 Ingredients series, you know that I am all about coming up with clever ways to simplify, diversify, and economize feeding your family healthfully and happily. 4 Ingredients Chocolate,Cakes_& Cute Things takes these ideas beyond the family table and out onto the veranda, your poolside patio, roof deck, living room, game room, even around the kitchen island. That place, wherever it may be, where your family and friends come together to celebrate and where you like to entertain.
Kid-proof an otherwise grown-up Sunday brunch by transforming a simple breakfast dish into Funny Face Bacon & Eggs. Refresh a summertime cocktail party with filled-to-the-rim glasses of Frosted Grapes in Bubbles. Treat a mom-to-be with a simple yet sinful Sponge Cake (which I craved throughout my pregnancy) and a fancy-looking (but couldn’t be easier) Pretty Pavlova. Liven up a neighborhood block party with modern twists on classic favorites: Coney Island Meatballs, Pastrami “Tacos,” and Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies.
As in my previous books, the approximately 80 recipes in 4 Ingredients Chocolate, Cakes_& Cute Things all contain no more than 4 ingredients (salt, pepper, and water are not included). This means less money and energy spent on food, preparation, and cleanup and more time for you to enjoy the pleasures of hosting, whether it be for a gaggle of girlfriends, a business cocktail party, or a sweet birthday gathering for Grandma.
Spending time with the people you love is a gift. Consider 4 Ingredients Chocolate, Cakes_& Cute Things my gift to you! May you find comfort and inspiration, and make and share many delights from the pages within.

With love, Kim

Photograph © Kim McCosker

4 Ingredients author and entrepreneur Kim McCosker is a busy wife and mum to three boys. Putting into practice her mantra of “Family First,” Kim’s concept created the most successful book title in Australia—4 Ingredients—with cookbook sales now spanning three continents, twenty-six countries, and six foreign languages. As the highest self-published author in Australian history, Kim’s continued aim with 4 Ingredients is to simplify all forms of cooking by creating quick, easy, and delicious recipes. Kim holds a degree in International Finance, trained as a Financial Planner, and is a self-taught cook.For more information visit

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