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Heidi Heckelbeck Lights! Camera! Awesome!

Book #25 of Heidi Heckelbeck
Illustrated by Priscilla Burris


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About The Book

Heidi stars in a video project for school in the twenty-fifth Heidi Heckelbeck adventure!

Brewster Elementary School is going to have its very own weekly news program, and there will be a talent contest to find the perfect student host. Melanie Maplethorpe thinks she is destined to be the star of the show, but not if Heidi can help it. With a little magic from her Book of Spells, Heidi instantly becomes famous at her school, but is fifteen minutes of fame enough to make her the right person for the job?

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Heidi Heckelbeck chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.







  Heidi Heckelbeck and her best friend Lucy Lancaster squealed and ran across the playground. They were playing Cheese Dinosaur Tag.


  Stanley Stonewrecker dressed like a dinosaur. The rest of the class—or, at least, those who were playing—was the cheese. And, of course, in this game the dinosaur loves cheese and won’t stop until he gets some.

  “He’ll never find us under here,” Lucy whispered.


  Heidi plunked onto the ground and accidentally bumped into a pair of pink polka-dot flats under the table. Heidi stared fearfully at the shoes because she knew exactly who they belonged to—Melanie Maplethorpe, her least favorite girl in the class.


  Melanie peered under the table and glared at Heidi. “What do you think you’re doing?” she cried, pushing the toe of her shoe into Heidi’s side.

  “Sorry,” said Heidi. She dragged out the word like saw-ree.



  Then Lucy noticed Melanie had a magazine in her hand.

  “What are you reading?” asked Lucy, trying to change the mood under the table.

  Melanie turned her new magazine around so Lucy and Heidi could see the cover.

  “I’m reading She-She magazine,” Melanie said, lightening up. “It’s my absolute favorite.” She-She magazine had all the latest tween fashions and celebrity gossip.


  “This SPECIAL issue has advice on how to be FAMOUS,” Melanie went on. “And if there’s one thing I want to be, it’s FAMOUS!”

  Then Melanie slid underneath the table beside the girls.


  “Do you want to hear some tips on how to be famous?” Melanie asked.


  Heidi and Lucy looked at each other in surprise. Melanie rarely ever shared anything, except maybe insults.

  “Okay, sure!” Lucy said.


  Melanie smiled and opened up her magazine. “Okay. ‘Tip number one,’ ” she began. “ ‘When you’re famous, you always have to dress like you’re walking on a runway—that’s because everyone wants to take your picture.’ ”


  Melanie showed celebrities posing for pictures. Then she turned the page.

  “ ‘Tip number two: You’ll want your fans to think you’re normal,’ so you have to shop for everyday things, like oranges.”

  Melanie showed a picture of a pretty girl in dark glasses picking an orange from an orange display.


  “ ‘Tip number three,’ ” Melanie said. “ ‘You really have to like FANCY things.’ This one’s super-easy for me because I LOVE fancy things. Like, one time I ate SUSHI. That’s very fancy.”


  Heidi and Lucy nodded.



  “Last but not least,” Melanie went on, “ ‘tip number four: You have to be okay with people being completely jealous of your perfect, amazing superstar life.’ ” Then she closed her magazine and sighed loudly. “And I’m totally fine with that.”

  Then, out of nowhere, Stanley’s face appeared under the table.



  The girls screamed. Heidi and Lucy crawled away as fast as they could and hid behind a tree. Heidi peeked out from behind the trunk.


  Stanley waved over to Melanie. “Hi! Are you playing?” he asked her.

  Melanie just stuck her nose back in her magazine. “No, I am not. Because famous stars DO NOT ever play Cheese Dinosaur Tag.”


  Then Heidi turned to Lucy. “Wow, I’m sure glad I’M not famous,” she said, “because I LOVE to play Cheese Dinosaur Tag!”




About The Author

Wanda Coven has always loved magic. When she was little, she used to make secret potions from smooshed shells and acorns. Then she would pretend to transport herself and her friends to enchanted places. Now she visits other worlds through writing. Wanda lives with her husband and son in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They have three cats: Hilda, Agnes, and Claw-dia.

About The Illustrator

(c) Priscilla Burris

Priscilla Burris is the illustrator and author-illustrator of many books for children. She attributes her love of children’s books and library visits to the East Los Angeles Library. Priscilla loves her role of creating characters and stories for readers everywhere. She lives in sunny Arizona, where she finds the sunrises and sunsets awe-inspiring. 

Product Details

  • Publisher: Little Simon (December 11, 2018)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781534426474
  • Ages: 5 - 9

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